B&P Swiss Dividend Aristocrats

Long-term equities are a convincing investment asset class. For years, Switzerland’s economy has been the most competitive in the world and Swiss equities reflect this through their performance. Since 1990, an investment in the broadly diversified Swiss Performance Index achieved a total return (capital gain + dividend) of more than 9% p.a.

Equity markets are characterized by long cyclical movements since they are dependent on the economic momentum, the monetary policy, as well as the attraction of other asset classes. However, the most important driver of price trend within the stock market is the long-term earnings development.



In this context, Bamert & Partner AG has examined an investment approach successfully implemented in the USA and has verified its suitability for the Swiss equity market.

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Source: Thomson Reuters

In addition to the popular S&P 500 Index (purple) found in the US, there is a sub-index S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats (yellow) which includes shares that have increased their dividend payout on a regular basis over a period of 25 years. The long-term profit development of the dividend aristocrats proves to be more constant and sustainable than the overall market trend.

Adapted to Switzerland, Bamert & Partner AG has analyzed the dividend growth of all companies included in the Swiss Performance Index SPI. From within this investment universe, equities which fulfill the criteria of the dividend aristocrat’s concept, have been selected. Here,  the dividend aristocrats (red line) outperformed the market by a large margin as well.

Source: Apollaris Fund Manager

Our investment product B&P Swiss Dividend Aristocrats Basket

Against this backdrop, Bamert & Partner AG issued an actively managed share certificate (Valor 28317341) in December 2015 in partnership with UBS AG.  Further eligibility criteria include a market capitalization of at least CHF 500 Mio as well as a balanced industry structure.


Newly listed companies must provide evidence of having raised dividends for over 5 years in order to become eligible for investment. The maximum weighting for a single position is defined at 10%. At issuance, 17 Swiss companies have been selected.

Product Details:

Issuer:                          UBS AG, Zurich (A2 Moody’s)

Product Category:        Actively managed share certificate  

Portfolio Manager:        Bamert & Partner AG, Bahnhofstrasse 29, 6300 Zug

Reference Currency:    CHF

Issue Price:                   CHF 100.00

Launch Date:                30. November 2015

Maturity:                        30. November 2022, with option to extend for 7 more years

Dividend:                       Reinvested (after deduction of withholding tax)

Fees:                             Management Fees 0.70% p.a.

                                      Administration Fees 0.30% p.a.

Liquidity:                        Daily via UBS AG, Zurich 0.50% max. bid/ask spread           

ISIN No.:                       CH0283173414

Valor No.:                      28317341


Key Advantages


  •  Simple and intelligible equity investment strategy  in  the Swiss equity market
  •  Investors benefit from compound interest effect  due to reinvestment of dividends
  •  Daily liquidity




  • Investors are exposed to equity market volatility
  • Past performance is no guarantee of future returns
  • B&P Swiss Dividend Aristocrats is a certificate issued by UBS AG. Therefore, the investors bear a counterparty risk.